The Life of a FDNY Fire Hose

May 12, 2015 0 Comments

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Products with a Heroic Past? Are they for real? 

It's not another marketing scheme.RE•HERO•ED is an official licensee of the FDNY. You can read in "Our Story". That we give back to people who give us so much, by using the materials they use. It is our way of re-hero-ing them. Our first collection, the FDNY Collection is really made from decommisioned FDNY fire hose.Our FDNY collection are made with decommissioned FDNY fire hose. It's these hoses which make our creations unique, one of a kind. Have you ever wondered how the hoses end up in our product, what is their circle of life?

fire hose coupling

Well, it all starts in Alabama. Many of the hoses used by the FDNY come from a manufacturer in Alabama. Using all American ingredients, the hoses are sewn, glued, assembled and of course stamped with southern pride. Before they leave the facility, rigorous tests are conducted to ensure that the material fulfills all safety standards and will meet the challenges of their duty. Because, as soon as they arrive in New York, the real task begins: the protection of property and life in New York! The hoses are put to work by our fearless fire fighters all day, night, rain or shine, all the time, everywhere. After many years of supporting these brave men, the hoses are collected and placed in a retirement program. This is when RE•HERO•ED steps in. RE•HERO•ED purchases this unique material, that is equipped with their very own story.
The hoses are prepared for our creations at our facility. We select, clean and check every hose before using them.  RE•HERO•ED, wants to make sure you get the best quality product! 

And of course we hope, with repurposing the hose, we can honor the duty of our fire fighters. Therefore, the next part of their life lies in your hands. Now you can continue to write their story. We hope you RE•HERO them with some exciting memories of your own. They definitely deserve it.


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