Our Story



Verb | RE-HE-RO | /ri-heer-oh/
Re-purposing materials or objects previously used in epic acts of bravery, allowing others to re-tell it's heroic past and give it a new life.

Everyone has a story to tell.

RE•HERO•ED was born in view of New York City and the newly constructed Freedom Tower. Our story began in 2014, a shared vision between three friends that were inspired by the resilient spirit of this city and the heroic acts we witnessed. This is what energized us formulate a plan to celebrate heroes.

RE•HERO•ED is grounded on three key principles:

        1. RE•TELL a story through the creation of quality remembrances and mementos.
        2. RE•PURPOSING materials used by our NY heroes.
        3. RE•CIPROCATE by giving a percentage of each sale to benefit those heroes who have risked their lives protecting ours.

          We believe acts of heroism take different forms whether it’s performed rescuing families from a blazing fire, stepping forwards to defend a moral cause, or administering the Heimlich to your little brother. It’s RE•HERO•ED goal to create a community that celebrates all the brave heroes in our lives from the firefighters to the everyday hero with the will of compassion to serve others.

           RE•HERO•ED has kicked off our adventure by honoring the FDNY with a collection of remembrances utilizing authentic decommissioned FDNY fire hose. Every purchase directly benefits the FDNY® Foundation which helps equip and train New York's Bravest.


          Why is RE•HERO•ED unique?

           Our FDNY products are crafted with the very tools our guardians used to fulfill their duties. Because these materials have been used, some products will have evidence of use. Some more than others, making each piece unique. We encourage our customers to RE•TELL the story of the materials utilized in our products to help recognize the heroes who commit their lives to bettering ours.  

          Amanda, Neyner, Toby and Michael




          Stay tuned for more RE•HERO•ED products to come soon!
          Have an idea for a repurposed item used by your definition of a hero? Let us know by sending us your suggestions.